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ESSB Audio Techniques Page
(Updated: Sep 3, 2014)

This FT2000 Page discusses the techniques to attain clean ESSB (Extended SSB) audio by using settings of W2IHY's 8 Band Eq and EQ Plus. This data was contributed by Danny, K2OZ.

FT2000 Internal Menus Settings
This section is an excerpt from the main "settings" table for the FT2000 internal menu. This settings are identical to the ones in the main section but are repeated here for ease of setup. The EQ (#125 - #133) and PE (#134 - #142) are the key audio settings for use with W2IHY audio equipment.

Recommended Menu Settings
To access the internal FT2000 menus, press the "MENU" button. Then rotate the main VFO - "A" knob until the desired number is shown. To change the value, rotate the VFO - "B" knob until your choice is shown. Then press "MENU" for 2 - 3 seconds until a 'beep' is heard. The new parameter is now stored.

The settings here reflect the lastest FT2000 FW update: 11.54 + V1.59

The following settings cover both "Rx" and "Tx". Some are "default" settings but are included for completeness [1/09]
Menu# Settings Function Comments
001 300 msec AGC Fst Delay for Rx 300 msec - add more delay
002 60 msec AGC Fst Hold for Rx 60 msec - less hold time
003 840 msec AGC Mid Delay for Rx 840 msec - more delay
004 60 msec AGC Mid Hold for Rx 60 msec - less hold time
005 2000 msec AGC Slw Dly for Rx 2000 msec delays rcvr's AGC setting
006 180 msec AGC Slow Hold for Rx 180 msec holds current AGC level
063 Dir A1A Frequency Display; keeps same frequency when switching from LSB to USB Fixes offset when changing sidebands
084 Front SSB Mic Connection Point Default but needs to be set to "Front"
085 ttbf Audio passband on SSB Tx ttbf (50hz - 4.0Khz) for ESSB Tx
086 0 hz Carrier offset on SSB LSB Tx Set to "0" (default): affects low frequency response
087 0 hz Carrier offset on SSB USB Tx Set to "0" (default): affects low frequency response
090 Slp DSP filter passband shape Slp increases as AGC level is present resulting in further rcvr quieting
092 -20 Parametric EQ DSP Gain Lower value removes "noise" from Rx signal
093 11 Parametric EQ DSP "Q" factor Wider Q = more BW which removes "noise" from Rx signal
104 ShAP DSP receiver passband for SSB Tx Primary importance is attached to the "phase" of the filter factor
105 GEnt SSB Slope for DSP filter Allows for widest passband at filter bottom
125* 200 EQ1: EQ low frequency range Set to 200hz
126* -3 EQ1: Gain of "low" range Set gain to EQ low frequencies
127* 1 EQ1: Q-factor for "low" EQ range Set to 1 octave BW
128* 700 EQ2: Center Freq of "mid" range Set to 700hz as center of EQ2 bandwidth
129* -8 EQ2: Gain of "mid" range Lower gain in mid-range
130* 2 EQ2: Q-factor for "mid" EQ range Set to effect large bw
131* 3100 EQ3: high frequency EQ Set to EQ corner frequency
132* 10 EQ3: Gain of EQ3 range Set to MAX gain
133* 1 EQ3: Q-factor for EQ3 range Set to 1 octave BW
134** OFF PE1: EQ low frequency range Set to OFF
135** 0 PE1: Gain of "low" range gain to attenuate low frequencies
136** 1 PE1: Q-factor for "low" PE1 range Set to 1 octave BW
137** 1500 PE2: Center freq of "mid" range Set to 1500hz
138** -3 PE2: Gain of "mid" range Set gain to attenuate upper-mid-freqs
139** 1 PE2: Q-factor for "mid" EQ range Set to 1 octave bw
140** 3200 PE3: high frequency EQ Set to high-frequency
141** +10 PE3: Gain of "high" PE3 range Set to high gain
142** 1 PE3: Q-factor for "high" PE3 range Set to 1 octave BW

* the "low" [EQ1], "mid" [EQ2] and "high" [EQ3] EQ ranges should be set at shown. If so, you can be assured that the Tx BW is flat from 90hz to 3Khz as shown in the white noise Tx sweep chart below.

** the PE1, PE2 and PE3 ranges are used with the "PROC" = ON set to 9 oclock. This settng uses the PROC as a loudness boost to the settings in the non-PROC section.

W2IHY Settings by K2OZ
This section details the current settings in use by K20Z who has kindly offered this data for the many W2IHY audio equipment owners. Danny uses a Heil PR40 microphone with the settings below.

Danny reports some changes in the current settings that work well in the "TTBF" mode (50 - 4Khz). These changes are highlighted in "RED".
If you have any further questions, please contact Danny, K2OZ at Email Icon

W2IHY 8 Band EQ Controls 8 BAND EQ
-- 8 Band Audio Equalizer --
 50 hz: +10 (between 8 & 12)
100 hz: +8
200 hz: -4
400 hz: 0
800 hz: +2 (between 0 & 4)
1600hz: +2 (between 0 & 4)
2400hz: +6 (between 4 & 8)
3200hz: +8

-- Audio Input --
Mic Impedance: 600 ohms
Mic Power: OFF
Gain: 9 o'clock

-- Equalizer --
Bass: First line clockwise from 12 o'clock
Bass: 12 o'clock
Treble: 1st line clockwise from 12 o'clock
Treble: 2nd line clockwise from 12 o'clock

-- Compressor/Expander --
Comp: 1 o'clock
DE Level: apx 3 o'clock

-- Effects Processor --
Effects switch: #2
Delay: 9 o'clock
Delay:10 o'clock
Level: 9 o'clock
Level: 10 o'clock

-- Audio I/O --
Level: apx 12 o'clock

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