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FT2000 USB & LSB Alignment

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(Org: Jan 9, 2017 - Updated: Sep 22, 2020)

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Both of the following adjustment procedures were devised as methods to zero-beat the FT2000(D)'s USB and LSB. It uses WWV as the signal source so no signal generators are needed. In the FT2000, the OPERATING MENU -149 values - and SERVICE MENU - 142 values - are employed to adjust the radio's USB and LSB settings so they are zero-beat.

You can use BOTH procedures - IF NECESSARY - to align the sidebands. However, if you are sucessful with the 1st procedure, there is no need to do the "ALTERNATE" procedure. That written, both procedures are INTER-ACTIVE . . you can "zero" the "043 GeNe" setting and try to zero-beat with the ALTERNATE procedure.

IMO, the BEST outcome is to have "0" for #043 (or as close as possible to "0") and use the ALTERNATE procedure to attain ZERO-BEAT.

Before you start, please make sure that you have the following Menu Items set to:
Number   Desc               Setting
#044:   LSB Sft               0 hz
#045:   USB Sft               0 hz
#046:   CWL Sft               0 hz
#047:   CWU Sft               0 hz
#063:   Freq Disp             dir
#086:   LSB Carrier           0 hz
#087:   USB Carrier           0 hz
#088:   SLSB Carrier         0 hz
#089:   SUSB Carrier         0 hz

FT2000 USB and LSB Alignment
My FT2000D has always been about 8 - 9hz off center frequency and one day, I will fix this. Now, 8hz is not a lot but for those with wideband audio setups to "hear" ESSB received audio, the beat notes produced by this amount of offset can be clearly heard. And this clue is what led to this procedure.

No external equipment is needed which makes this a very handy technique to use. Please ensure the radio is been on for at least 30 mins before making this adjustment.

To check the radio's alignment, press the "10" button, then adjust the VFOs to display "10.000.00" in both display panels. Select "USB" for VFO A and " LSB" for VFO B by pressing the "A<>B" button repetitively.

Next push the "RX" for VFO B and you should see a "BUSY " displayed in both VFO panels. Adjust the volume level for each VFO so that both are heard clearly.

If both sidebands are zero-beat, you'll hear a solid non-warbling tone after the 1 min time announcement. However, for most radios, you will hear warbling beat note formed by the difference in frequency between the two sideband frequency adjustment. It will be clearly audible - if you have good ears. If not, recommend that you use HEADPHONES.
Press "MENU" button and rotate VFO A to select "043GEnE". The display should show "0" since this value represents the factory default setting or may have a value other than 0 if it's been previously adjusted. The range of this adjustment is -25 > 0 < +25 .

Rotate the VFO B knob until the beat note is reduced to zero. For my FT2000, the current setting of "0" removes the beat note. Now both USB and LSB are ZERO BEAT so that for Rx or Tx, the SSB audio will sound the same on either sideband.
FT2000 USB and LSB Alternate Method
Another method to correct USB/LSB freq offset is to follow the procedure detailed above to find out how much freq offset correction is required. Then use the following method to correct the freq offset.

No external equipment is needed which makes this a very handy technique to use. Please ensure the radio is been on for at least 30 mins before making this adjustment.

Download the "FT2000 Alignment Menu Settings" here and follow the instructions [HOW TO ACCESS THE HIDDEN/SERVICE MENU] to place the FT2000 into the "alignment" mode.

Recommend that you set the #043 adjustment to "0" before making the following adjustment.

Select the "A15" item called "FrE" that controls the setting of the 2nd LO freq adjustment. Add the required correction to the current setting (K5JRF adjustment for my FT2000 = "167") to arrive at the new setting of "187" (Update: 9/22/20). Store the new setting and then go back and execute the above procedure to see how close you are. It will take a few back-and-forths until the USB and LSB are zero beat.

In summary:
Item#   Name     Desc          CLAR      VFO-B    VRF    New
043       GEnE      Freq Adj                    0                      0
A15       FrE      2nd LO adj                 159                   187

A summary of the settings "FT2000_Menu_Entries-9-22-20.pdf" can be found here

Note: ALL oscillators drift with time and at some point in their life, the adjustment provided will run out of adjustment range. Unfortunately, that is a fact of life and at some time it may become impossible for the oscillator to be brought into a valid range. Possibly, some mods may be able to be made that will give some added life but that remains to be seen.

This procedure was developed while assisting W5MIX, Matt with his FT2000 alignment.

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