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(Update: Jun 14, 2015)
This Technical Note details how disassemble the FT-2000 Front Panel to repair the "Vox" button.

The "VOX" button doesn't function? How can that be??

Of all things that could fail in today's complex radios, the VOX button would be my last guess. But, about 2 years ago (2011), it did fail and I decided to fix it. It's a lot of work just to get to it but it beats boxing it up and sending it away to Yaesu for repair. And, it's a lot cheaper!

This is not a difficult task but you do need some 'repair' skills and must follow the exploded diagrams shown in FT-2000 Service Manual. Do not undertake this w/o the SM and some patience. A link to the SM is contained in the "METHOD" section.

As you know, on most radios, you press the button and it activates the function and, in Yaesu radios, it also illuminates as positive feedback that the function is now active. Simple enough.

It started to fail about 3 months earlier when the VOX button was pressed, sometimes it wouldn't activate. As the problem got worse, I had to press the button using 'diagonal' pressure to activate it. Finally, pressing it did nothing! I suppose many would not give this a second thought, since many HAMS never use Vox. I do use it almost exclusively since I've tailored it to respond to the male voice here. Click to see what that entails.

FT2000 Knob Assy, PN RA084380A Using the FT-2000 Service Manual
here, the exploded diagrams show what needs to be removed in order to gain access to the "Knob Assy", PN RA084380A.

The PN has now changed; RA084380B according to Sheldon, WA6KJN. This can be purchased from Yaesu Parts for apx $6.50.

As you see, the "knob assy" is delivered as a "punch-out" that contains the Power Switch, Dim, Mox, Vox, Tune, 1/2 and Rx reading from top left to bottom right. You simply select the needed button and cut it out. Pretty straightforward operation.

The picture shows the "VOX" button removed from the assy. The good part is you have extra buttons if needed for future repairs.

WA6KJN suggests that you replace the complete assy and use AS-IS. Looking at the SM exploded assy, the complete PB Assy is shown and that implies that the COMPLETE ASSY should be replaced. You will have to remove the seven (7) screws holding the SW-A Unit to replace the complete PB Assy. Thinking back, I believe that is why I only replaced the VOX PB b/c I only had to "loosen" some of the seven (7) screws to get the new VOX PB into place. In over four (4) years, the new VOX PB is working well and there hasn't been any additional failures.

The main diagram for finding what needs to be removed is shown in the SM on sheet "Exploded View-3". If you are brave enough to tackle this job, then following the exploded views shows all of the required screws, etc that need to be removed.

It goes w/o saying that you need to remove the top and bottom panels first. Now you are ready to tackle the front panel removal.

The required steps for disassembly:
1) Remove the front panel knobs as shown below.
FT2000 Front Panels Knobs to be removed

Note that ALL knobs are removed; an easy operation. Simply pull each knob forward to remove. Remove the rubber band around the front of the main VFO and VFO "B" to expose the other screws.

2) Make a "hinge".
FT2000 screw

Use of one side panel screw serves as to make a "hinge" to lessen the strain on the cables. Disconnect all of the cables/connectors and then remove the screw in order to get to the "knob assy".

As you see, there's a large number of cables that need disconnecting. Take you time and carefully disconnect them by pulling equally across each ribbon cable's connector or rock the Molex connector gently back and forth to remove it. For insertion, open the Molex connector fully while sliding the ribbon metalized end into the connector so that it's fully seated. May take a little practice but take your time. It's important to fully seat the cable.

3) Once all cables/connectors are removed the front panel is now free as shown below.
FT2000 Front Panel Down showing cables that need to be disconnected

The picture shows all cables disconnected. Now the front panel s/b "loose", so now remove the screws that hold the SW-A unit to expose the Knob Assy board. As an additional aid, consult the exploded view 3 showing the relation of the SW-A unit and the Knob Assy board. Remove the screws holding the SW-A unit in order to access the Knob-Assy board.

Exploded View-3 diagram showing Knob Assy and SW-A boards

Remove and replace the broken PB and your done . . . except for reversing your steps to assemble the front panel to the radio. It's been two (2) years and there hasn't been another failure. Glad for that!!

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