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(Updated: Jun 25, 2013)
This FT-2000 Page contains all of the previous FT2000 Firmware (FW) updates available for download. These will allow you to roll-back the radio's Main and EDSP FW to any earlier date for testing and trouble shooting.

Why regress the radio's firmware?

The simple answer is why not if you're having a problem. If you detect a problem when updating to the latest version, this section will allow you to select an earlier version for both EDSP and MAIN to test what happens.

I've saved all of the FW updates after I purchased the radio. It's a late 2007 version, which had V1.38 Main FW and 10.29 EDSP loaded. As I have updated the radio (current is 11.54 and V1.56), I've saved the older files . . . just in case!

FW Update Comment
I've updated a number of FT2000 radios for others as well as mine. I've not observed any problems other than some of the early FW updates did nothing to advance the radio's capability! But that's another story.

Lately, I've observed some strange effects after doing the updates on other radios. For example, one radio's "PROC" function would not operate. Pressing the "PROC" button and turning the processor "Gain", did nothing. No indication on the "compression" portion of the meter nor was there any difference in the Tx audio.

Another, the "MIC EQ" banner illuminated when the any ONE of the EQ1 thru EQ3 were turned "ON". That shouldn't happen. What is suppose to happen is this: If any one or all of the EQs are turned "ON", then when the PROC button is depressed, the "MIC EQ" banner should light. When the "PROC" is pressed again, the "PROC" banner should illuminate. Finally, when pressed again, ALL banners should be OFF.

Another radio won't go into "Class A" operation after the update. When the MENU selection is exercised, the VFO-B knob does not change the options. It says "Ab" only. So that's a mystery.

I'm also investigating another reported problem where the radio has "tinny" Tx audio. The complication here is that the radio was "fixed" by Yaesu at the same time for a "Tx spike", so the jury is out as to the REAL cause of the problem. I will report here when a conclusion is reached. . . if one is ever reached!

The latest FT200 FW release [11.54 + 1.59] is located here .

FW Download Procedure
Download the desired FW update shown in the table below, unzip it and follow the instructions contained in the ZIP file. In some cases, there are multiple zip files that need to be unzipped. The files here have been directly d/l from Yaesu and preserved in their original format and are exactly as Yaesu released them. I've added the separate PDF how-to-instructions into the ZIP bundle so each is a complete package. Yaesu's instructions are based on the use of the "CT119" cable.

I'm NOT responsible for any problems that may occur. Take your time and you will have no trouble if you follow the instructions exactly as written. To update my radio, I've used the special 8 pin mini-din plug along along with a standard RS-232 modem cable with zero problems. Details here

Catalog of Available FW Updates
Here's the listing of the previous updates. Click on the desired version to start the download:

FW-10.29 + 1.40 - dated Sept 5, 2008
FW-11.29 + 1.42 - dated Jan 1, 2009
FW-11.39 + 1.42 - dated Jan 12, 2009
FW-11.45 + 1.43 - dated Jan 31, 2009
FW-11.50 + 1.44 - dated Feb 14, 2009
FW-11.50 + 1.46 - dated Apr 2, 2009
FW-11.53 + 1.47 - dated May 8, 2009
FW-11.53 + 1.48 - dated May 13, 2009
FW-11.53 + 1.49 - dated July 23, 2009
FW-11.53 + 1.50 - dated Nov 30, 2009
FW-11.54 + 1.50 - dated Apr 05, 2010
FW-11.54 + 1.51 - dated Apr 23, 2010
FW-11.54 + 1.52 - dated Aug 26, 2010     <--- last version with PROC active on AM/FM per K0IWI
FW-11.54 + 1.55 - dated Sep 29, 2011
FW-11.54 + 1.56 - dated Mar 02, 2012
FW-11.54 + 1.57 - dated Oct 22, 2012     <--- previous version

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