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ESSB Audio Techniques Page
(Updated: Sep 3, 2014)

This FT950 Page discusses the techniques to attain clean ESSB (Extended SSB) audio by using settings of W2IHY's 8 Band Eq and EQ Plus. This data was contributed by Christian, WV6N.

W2IHY Settings by WV6N
This section details the current settings in use by WV6N who has kindly offered this data for the many W2IHY audio equipment owners. Christian uses a Shure C606 microphone with the settings below.
k6jrf comment: This is a great sounding SSB mic and it's only $20! - - if you can still find one.

The FT950's FW does NOT support the "ttbf" (4Khz) mode, so Christian uses the "1-29" [#64] (100hz-2.9Khz) mode for SSB operation. The radio's internal EQ has been enlisted to selectively tailor the SSB audio along w/ the EQ Plus.

Menu # - Function - - Setting -
064 SSB Tx BW 100 - 2900hz
091 EQ1 Freq 100
092 EQ1 Level 7
093 EQ1 BW 2
094 EQ2 Freq 1500
095 EQ2 Level 7
096 EQ2 BW 2
097 EQ3 Freq 2200
098 EQ3 Level 7
099 EQ3 BW 2

The following MP3 represents his SSB Tx audio captured by K6JRF via FT2000 in "ttbf" mode on Sony E10 MD.
If you have any further questions, please contact Christian, WV6N at Email Icon

-- Audio Input --
Mic Impedance: 600 ohms
Mic Power: OFF
Gain: 12pm

-- Equalizer --
Bass: 12pm
Treble: 4pm

-- Cmpressr/Expndr --
Comp: 1pm
DE Level: 4pm

-- Effects Processor --
Effects switch: #2
Delay: 12pm
Level: 12pm

-- Audio I/O --
Level: 12pm

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