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This FTdx3000 page discusses the techniques to attain clean ESSB (Extended SSB) audio by using the INTERNAL parametric EQ settings in the radio and NO EXTERNAL EQ 'boxes'. This EQ system was designed by K6JRF for Jonathan, AI6NA. Since the EQ systems in ALL YAESU radios is the same, it can by used verbatim for those radios.

---- AI6NA EQ Solutions for FTdx3000 ----
Jonathan uses a Sterling ST51 condenser mic powered from a preamp to provide the required 48V phanthom power. This is a great sounding SSB mic with a extremely FLAT frequency response and it's $100.

At his starting point, here is the SpectraPlus frequency sweep chart showing restricted and poorly equalized SSB audio resulting in pinched, narrow band SSB TX audio that was actually DIFFICULT to understand. Unfortunately, AI6NA thought that this SSB TX audio was "OK"! The biggest problem is the lack of high-freq response as the SprectaPlus plot shows.

The right chart shows how to obtain articulate SSB audio: increase and/or decrease LOW freq response below 150Hz. Then peak it between 1.8Khz to 3.5Khz with a gradual rise starting around 800hz. This response is called reduced "full-sound" audio and produces highly articulate SSB TX audio.

To see how good it sounds, I disconnected my EQ system, connected my MZ-R55 MD recorder, then swept the FT-2000D with WHITE noise using the settings shown in the SpectraPlus chart [AQUA]. I used ONLY the radio's internal parametric EQ system. The picture shows how it is connected. You DO NEED a GOOD microphone and his ST51 condenser mic fills that requirement. For my setup, it's a Neumann TLM-103 microphone. No COMPRESSION is needed and shouldn't be used. A HAND mic is also not good b/c it produces MUDDY audio b/c it doesn't have the high frequency response required!

You should use the 'ttbf' mode shown in [RED]. These settings are similar to the previous mode except there is extended low and hi freq response.

Since we all have different voices, some "tweaking" is required so that the EQ gets 'adjusted' to fit his voice characteristics. If you are trying to produce high quality SSB (or ESSB) audio you MUST have a quality mic. Doing this with a "hand-mic" does NOT work! Jonathan uses a ST51 condenser mic with the FTdx3000.

Here is the final settings for AI6NA's voice characteristics along with an actual freq sweep with the EQ settings. His voice has some LOW-MIDS @ 200hz which produce a muddy, nasal response, thus the attenuation by -5dB.

This captured freq sweep was done on 4/12/20 on 40mtrs using SpectraPlus on my FT2000D, eq flat from 50hz to 4Khz. His data is shown in AQUA. Some eq change in the UPPER MID frequencies was needed; changed from 1500hz to 700hz to attenuate the frequency band by -8dB stretching 2 octaves b/c of the voice energy which dominates the overall response. Finally, the HI Freqs were peaked @ 3200hz with a gain = +10dB and the BW = 1 octave to insure SSB TX audio articulation.

His SSB TX audio is really sounding great . . great range (90hz to 3.7Khz) w/ lots of articulation! All done w/o any external EQ 'boxes'.

All Yaesu radios have the same EQ system so these settings can be used for all w/o any modification. So give it a try: using the 'ttbf' mode, the SSB TX audio is "great"! No compression is needed.

FTdx3000 Internal EQ Settings - AI6NA
This section details the how to use the internal parametric EQ system in the FTdx3000 to arrive at an ESSB TX settings. This was designed for Jonathan, AI6NA who tested and fine-tuned the settings for his voice, microphone and the FTdx3000.

All of Yaesu's radios support the "ttbf" mode, so the details of these settings are shown here. For completeness, I've add some of the other earlier Yaesu radios. Do NOT use the PROC function. If you want a little push turn up the MIC gain control until the ALC goes to top of blue scale.

- Function - FTdx3000/dx1200 FT991 FT2000 FTdx5000 FTdx9000 - Setting -
EQ1 Freq 159 121 125 152 136 200
EQ1 Gain 160 122 126 153 137 -5
EQ1 BW 161 123 127 154 138 1
EQ2 Freq 162 124 128 155 139 700
EQ2 Gain 163 125 129 156 140 -8
EQ2 BW 164 126 130 157 141 2
EQ3 Freq 165 127 131 158 142 3200
EQ3 Gain 166 128 132 159 143 +10
EQ3 BW 167 129 133 160 144 1

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