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Analyze and Troubleshoot "Check Engine" MIL and Electronic Control Units (ECU)!

Anti-Theft Alarm (ATA) System

Description, Operation and Location
Anti-Theft Alarm System Major Parts Location The Anti-Theft Alarm (ATA) system is made up of the following main components:

- ATA control module, N26
- Left front ESA control module w/ memory, N32/1
- Right front ESA control module w/ memory, N32/2
- RHR control module, N32/12
- Speed Sensitive Power Steering (SPS) control module, N49/1
- Remote Control (RCL) module, N54
- Convenience Features (CF) control module, N57
- Fuel Pump (FP) relay, K27

Fault Table, DTC Readout, SRS Control module (N2/2)

Socket 1: Black (ground)
Socket 3: Red (12V)
Socket 23: Yellow (ATA output)

DTC Possible Cause
1 No faults in system
2 Alarm activated by trunk sensor circuit
3 Alarm activated by engine hood circuit
5 Alarm activated by rear door circuit
6 Alarm activated by front door circuit
10 Alarm activated by radio circuit
12 Alarm activated by ignition circuit
14 Alarm activated by brake circuit
19 ATA Control module (N26) defective
20 No ground connection, left front door actuator

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