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Fix your Rear Headrest

Like most things, time and use will wear out the usually rugged Mercedes parts. This happened recently to my right rear heardrest in my Coupe. This section shows how it was economically repaired.

Mercedes Headrest Motor Assy
A few months ago it became intermittent. Sometimes when triggered, it wouldn't raise to the vertical position. Later it would start but you could hear the "clicking" of the worn/broken gears in the motor. At that point, it must be replaced.

The price of new headrest motor assy is $320 and it is a special order part. Not wanting to spend that much, I found a used replacement locally for $99 and installed it.

If you have similar problems, check out the following two (2) links for parts: EPI CO store or Auto Haus America store. Both have a great selection of Mercedes parts.

The part arrived in two days later so I do recommend giving them a try to see if a replacement is available. Call Carlos at 818-470-8297. He also rebuilds Mercedes transmissions for apx $1300.

Headrest Release Mechanism
The PN for my '94 S500 coupe is "140 970 03 25" as shown in the picture of my old motor assy after being removed. The "removal" and "release" of the headrest is a bit more difficult than stated in some of the MB forums. A word to the wise; it can't be removed by "pulling it out". There's only one way to remove it as shown in the picture to the right. This is much easier said than done b/c the small "tip" is difficult to access and get enough pressure to force the locking spring to release the headrest. The headrest will NOT release until the spring "lock" is fully recessed and that requires a lot of pressure.

Here's a repair order list which will guide you to replace the worn headrest motor assy.
1) Remove the seat bottom and seat back (#10 socket to remove seat back bolt).
2) The two top screws holding the headrest motor assy are now visible (shown in the 1st picture). Remove them.
3) Disconnect the electrical connection to the motor assy.
4) To remove the headrest, press at the "tab" point as shown (very HARD!) until the spring releases one side of the headrest. Do the same thing on the other side. Lift the headrest out.
5) Now the two (2) "hidden" screws must be removed in order to get the motor out. Remove the four (4) screws holding the upper "facade" so that you can lift it up enough to get a small rachet tool to remove the two (2) hidden screws as shown in the picture below.
6) Slide the motor out noting the position. Orient the replacement motor in the same way and slide it back in.
7) Do the reverse of these steps to install the replacement motor.

Mercedes Headrest Motor showing Headrest Slides

This is a straight forward fix . . and it won't drain your wallet!
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