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FT2000 Modification Page
(Updated: Dec 13, 2009)

This FT2000 Page shows what hardware/software addons are available to add a panadapter capability to either the FT2000 and FT950. The main reference is the work done by Jeff Blaine, AC0C in the attached PDF. It summarizes all of the possibilities available based on price and performance. It's a must read if you're considering a panadapter or scope for your FT2000.

A great deal is made over the Flex series click-tune and bandscope capabilities. The same features can be added to the FT-2000 as well providing possibly the best of both worlds – all the convenience of the bandscope and quick navigation – combined with the traditional feel of “hands on knobs.

Following is a summary of how to get the FT2000 configured to have band scope service. The capability of the band scope depends on how much time and money you would like to invest. And there are a lot of ways to do it. I’ll try to outline them all here.

But for as little as $250, you too can have most of the key features of the Flex and all the features of your FT-2000 working together!

Good luck es 73 / ac0c

The hardware involves adding a plug-in card into the FT2000 and attaching the output to a SDR or a computer/laptop w/ a decent sound card. The software involves using PowerSDR program and/or HRD for radio control.

As with this type of project you should have some hardware competence in order to complete the installation tasks, in the simple case, and soldering skills in the advanced hardware.

There is little risk to the rig, and at the basic level, not a lot of money at risk. In the "kit build", you will need more skills as well as soldering. The software will take some time and adjustment to get it working properly.

So even if you're not going to do this, you should d/l the PDF to see what's available . . . and it will probably change your mind!

Click here to d/l "V2" the Panadapter PDF [PDF - 2.0MB]

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